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Yesterday Was Dr. Seuss day in the US! To celebrate here´s one of the classic author´s greatest quotes, from “Horton Hears a Who”(pub. 1954)


Sniff: “It´s so difficult to be noble when you´re suppose to get rich simultaniously”

-“Moomin and the Railwaystation” by Lars Jansson

(After being trapped in a chamber, that got filled with sticky mudlike substance, in a adandoned city)
Aang: HEELP!
Zuko: Who are you yelling to? Nobody’s lived here for centuries!
Aang: Well, what do you think we should do?
Zuko: …Think about our place in the Universe?

– From “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, season three, episode 13: “The Firebending Masters”

About the post I was suppose to write: They are still on the way, but keep patience, I´ll have them up next week!

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets”
– Voltaire

Steven Muffat: (before the airing of the most recent episode of “Sherlock”) “Remember it’s just a TV show. Only the emotional damage is real”
– Via Mr. Muffat’s Twitter

Paddy Considine, who in 2011 made his directional debut with the acclaimed “Tyrannosaur”, talks about being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Rick Santorum thinks rape victims “should make the best out of a bad situation”. For a sharp attack on Santorum’s cruel suggestions, read what the feminist blogger Jill had to say about that.

In South Africa, there has been a recent discovery of the oldest dinosaur nest yet found.

A great article about “Fish Tank” at the blog “Feminist Music Geek”.

A review of “Made in Dagenham” (2010) at “Bitch Media”. After reading this article I’ve become totally hyped on seeing this film!

I’ll be writing a post on the new “Sherlock Holmes” films by Guy Ritchie as well as the BBC’s television show at the end of this week. I’ll compare the two very different adaptions to each other and to Sir Conan Doyle’s stories. Stay tuned!

Fun Quote Of The Day!

“It is always the wrong people who feel guilty”

– Erich Maria Remarque

“I can resist everything except temptation”

– Oscar Wilde

When people think of the German philosopher Nietzsche, they often think of a misanthropic, bitter nihilist. It is true that Nietzsche was often critical of human nature and often pointed out the faults of societies, but he had another side which loved music, art and said amazingly wise things about love and friendship. Below I will quote some of the most moving ones. Enjoy and ponder!

“It is not the lack of love, but the lack of friendship which makes unhappy marriages”

“There is always some madness in love. But there is always some reason in madness”.

“Shared joys make friends. Not shared sufferings”

“There is not enough love and goodness in the world to permit giving any of it away to imaginary beings”

“Love is not consolation. It is Light”

Fun Quote of the Day

Johnny Cage: “I’m in a hostile enviroment. I’m totally unprepared. And I’m surrounded by a bunch of guys who probably want to kick my ass… it’s like being back in High School”.

– “Mortal Kombat” (1995 movie)

“How the hell do I know why there were Nazis? I don’t know how the can opener works!” – “Hannah and her sisters”, (1986 film), written and directed by: Woody Allen

Chemical Brothers, “Hey girl, hey boy” 1999