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Fun quote of the day

(After restraining a hysterical dormouse)
March Hare: “See all the Trouble you started?”
Alice: “But I didn’t think…”
March Hare: “Ah, that’s just it. If you don’t think, then you shoudn’t talk”

– “Alice In Wonderland” (1951)

Fun quote of the day

Margaret Cho: “I just don’t understand how anyone can NOT be a feminist. Whenever someone says that (not feminist), I’m like ´What?! Did you come out of the ground or something? What do you mean that you don’t believe in your mother’s rights?!”

– “Assassin” (2005), Stand up tour

Fun quote of the day

Huey Freeman: (after being head-butted by his friend while attempting to atone for a previous fight)

” Being the bigger man is over-rated”

– “The Boondocks”, episode “Wingmen”, written by Aaron McGruder, voice talent: Regina King

p.s. I’ll soon be posting another “a good book” post!

Fun quote of the day

“People doubt whether global warming is real or not arguing that ´We did have a very cold winter this year´, which is stupid, because it’s like saying ´The sun might not be real because it gets dark at night´. And ´My car might not be real since I can’t find the keys to it´.”

– Bill Maher, “Real Time with Bill Maher”

Fun quote of the day

“I don’t mean to sound cold or cruel or vicious, but I am, so that’s the way it comes out”

– Bill Hicks, “Revelations” (1993)

Fun quote of the day:

The mayor of Halloween town: Jack, please! I’m only an elected official here, I can’t make decisions by myself!

– The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)