This blog will be discussing both high culture and popular culture events and phenomena’s. I will be analyzing movies, books and TV shows. Since I’m a feminist, I’ll usually view the stuff from a feministic viewpoint, but not always. I have also been an atheist for a long time now, so I will also write about “atheist issues” occasionally. The main goal will be to talk about what impact cultural phenomena’s have on society, if it speaks up for people or not.

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About me (the blogger):

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Languages I speak: English, Finnish, Swedish (strongest to “weakest” in that order)
Favorite film director: Stanley Kubrick
Favorite writers: Franz Kafka, Kathy Acker, J. M. Coetzee, Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood, to name a few.
Favorite Animal: Spotted Hyena (thinking of getting a tattoo of one on my shoulder when I get older and have more money…)
Preferred food: Chinese, Sushi, Finnish, and Kebab.
Dreams: Becoming a writer 🙂
Favorite Actor: Cillian Murphy (even when the movie he’s in is bad, his performance is brilliant)
Other info: I really like Helsinki. I have a Master’s Degree in Literature. I love villain characters, especially ones in Cartoons.

Thank you and hope you enjoy my blog! Best wishes, Maaretta

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