Dear Readers,

Apologies for no post in June! It was a busy month.
However, one thing this blogger wants to share is a a protest I participated in on the 26th June. The protest was regarding the recent horrific abuses done by the Trump Administration to Immigrants and Refugee families. The Protest was organized by Save The Children’s Youth Organization, specifically the one located in Stockholm. The protest was held near by the US Embassy.
The protest consisted of speeches from both activist and immigrants themselves, talking about both the current situation in the US as well as the increase of racism in Sweden.

I will share some pictures from the protest down below.


Sign says: “My Europe Does Not Build Walls”

The man speaking in the above picture was the organizations spokesperson.


A lot of parents themselves where there to show solidarity to separated families at the border.



Yes M’am!

That is all for today.
Take care! / Maaretta