Recently, in the last midterm elections, the USA has seen an increase in the number of women running for political office. Usually this would be considered a good thing from the feminist position, unfortunately a lot of these female politicians are women that are against certain basic women’s rights and support ideologies of overt sexist conservative males. This problem for women has cropped up not only in the US, but also in countries like Iran and Costa Rica. However, the increase of Anti-feminist women is most notable in USA.

The political blog “The Daily Kos” has published an right-on analysis of this phenomena by Kaili Joy Gray titled, correctly enough, “The Year of the Women That Wasn’t”. It is interesting to see so many women politicians with such strong colonized-consciousness’s! But luckily women voters aren’t being fooled by these faux-feminist women: Check out the article here.

Since so many women politicians are holding these strong right wing views that cut back on women, I think it’s time we coin a word to describe this kind of phenomena: I, simply, suggest the term, “Manwashed”. This term is coined from “Whitewashed“, which means a black person who is propagandized and internalizes the views of whites, which makes him/her want to go against his/her better interest, and the interests of her/his group, and help the dominate oppression of a certain white class. “Manwashed” is a good term to use on women who have internalized ideologies of essentialisms and dominations of a certain men’s class (and one which still runs strongly through-out our society) and their oppressive views on women. A typical Manwashed woman in my eyes would be typified by Sarah Palin, who is against abortion even in rape/incest cases and made women pay for the Rape Kit when she was governor of Alaska.