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The Web is filled with list of attractive people, both men and women. These lists can be based on any variety of people, ranging from factual humans to fictional ones: celebrities, animated and ideal. However what seems to be lacking is a list on the most attractive non-believer men. There are a few lists about attractive non-theist, but most of them contain exclusively women. So, in this post I present to you the top 4 hottest atheist guys!

Before starting, I would like to add that attractiveness is highly subjective. Who I find handsome most likely won’t be universally agreed on (and I will confess, my taste even sometimes puzzles myself…). However I still hope this post will be generally entertaining!

4. Javier Barden – This Spanish man not only is an exceedingly talented actor, he’s also devilishly fine-looking. Mr. Bardem has done some fairly daring roles in his life, like the family man who’s swept up in underground crime in “Biutiful” (2010) and a man fighting for his right for euthanasia in “The Sea Inside” (2004). On atheism he has had this to say:  “I always say, ´I don’t believe in god, I believe in Al Pacino´”. When specifically expressing his feelings about religion, Mr. Bardem stated: “I do respect people’s faith, but I don’t respect their manipulation of that faith to create fear and control”, to which I must say he really hits the nail on the head when it comes to depicting the dark side of religion. Javier Bardem glows with charisma through his rough look and a smooth, sexy voice. Mr. Bardem – may our film carrier never end!

3. Daniel Radcliffe – The youngest man who will appear on this list, Mr. Radcliffe is world-widely known for his role as Harry Potter. He started out his carrier at the tender age of eleven, when he was an adorable little boy in 2001. Cue ten years later, Daniel Radcliffe has grown up into a breathtakingly pretty man. Bizarre thing to think about, but Mr. Radcliffe is sporting soft-looking hair and skin. He’s smile, when it appears, is not bad either. Mr. Radcliffe has stated being very proud of his Jewish heritage, he has also said that: “I’m an atheist, and a militant atheist when religion starts impacting on legislation”. Wise words!

2. Bill Maher – Let me just first comment that I can actually hear myself losing all of my feminist points while adding Mr. Maher to this list – seriously. Mr. Maher has made great political and social commentary, but he can be quite problematic when it comes to his views on women. However, he is still a very smart and sexy jerk. Mr. Maher has done wildly funny stand up routines such as “I’m Swiss” as well as a superb documentary on religion titled “Religious” (2008). His documentary is a well executed take down of religion, a firm defense for atheism or agnosticism (a running line used in the film is “I don’t know”). Mr. Maher sports, as well, a thoroughly appealing coiffure, and has mischievously beautiful eyes. But honestly, his splendid head of hair is probably his most winning feature. Mr. Maher also carries a certainty about himself and his political ideas which some interpret as snobbish, but personally, it makes me a bit weak in the knees. What can I say – Confidence is sexy!

1. Cillian Murphy – This Irish actor is not only fantastic in every film he appears in, but his blue eyes and cheek bones are soul piercing. When sporting an indie rock hair cut, his hair curls up a tiny bit, which just makes me swoon (unfortunately, at the moment he has a short hair cut). Mr. Murphy became an atheist after the filming of his to date best film, the science fiction drama “Sunshine” (2010). In an interview he stated that the film “…got me thinking about life and religion, science vs religion and all that. I was verging on being an agnostic and this film confirmed any of the atheistic beliefs I had. Not just because I spent time with these guys–they just confirmed what I’d always suspected. For me, the film ultimately is a battle between science and religion, or science instead of fundamentalism”.

Those were my picks! How about you readers: which famous atheist do you consider attractive?

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“Saying Atheism is a religion is like claiming that being bald is a hair color” – Anonymous

Bill Maher (b. 1956) is an American comedian, who has become mostly known for his commentary on religion. Mr. Maher started his career in comedy with Stand-Up routines and acting. He then moved on to become the host of the late-night political talk show “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher” (1993-1997). Currently, He’s the host of the show “Real Time with Bill Maher”, which has been running since 2003. The newest season which just recently began in February, presented an episode where Mr. Maher gave a monologue explaining, once and for all, why Atheism isn’t a religion.

I applaud you, sir! Words can’t express how frustrating it has been for me, as well as to many other atheists, constantly to hear non-atheist make the claim that non-believers are in fact “believers”. As soon as this brilliant speech was over, all I could think was: “Finally!”.