Hi Everyone!

I know it has been too long since my latest post. Things haven’t been as they should be. As for now, I will continue my series of Short Stories. Now that Alice Munro has won the Nobel Prize, short stories will no doubt have a higher status in our society now! The next review will be of the short story “Sinking” by Yu Dafu. I am also working on a rebiew of a science fiction short story. So hope people will toon in! The review will be inside of seven days.

I will also try and review more films and cartoons. I have long planed a series of “Simpsons”. Book reviews will be in order!

Now to some links.

The Fantasy and Science Fiction Author Jennifer Armintrout has been recapping the “Fifty Shades”-trilogy at her blog, with the ongoing theme of discussing th abusive relationship the novels have romanticized. The recaps are highly funny and insightful, check all of the recaps here.

I am a HUGE fan of the website “Fangs for the Fantasy”. I highly recommend for anyone to check out it out; it’s a site where the two bloggers, Renee and Sparky, analyze Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror media from a social justice perspective. For a starter, here’s a few articles to start with:

The problem with Queenie, a character on the show “American Horror Story: Coven”.

The Over-Sexualization of women in The “Dresden Files” novels.

An old, but interesting article on the characters Lafayette and Jesus from “True Blood”.

On depictions of Nubity.

And finally, race on “The Walking Dead”.

Best Wishes/ Maaretta