Hello Everyone!

It has been a long time. I apologize for so few post in the two recent moths. Right now I’m pretty caught up with my studies, so it will still be about a week until my next post.

But no worries! I have lots of plans for this blog, including a post on a “Bob’s Burger” episode, thoughts on various graphic novels and discussions on films and books!

But for now, check out these links!:

This month is “Stalking Awareness Month”. Stalking is a form of abuse which should be talked about and discussed more often, especially since now a days when a common trope in popular culture is “Stalking is love”, creating a romanticized image of this form of violence. Go here for facts about stalking and how it is linked to other forms of abuse and violence. And here for one simple thing you can do for this moth.

At Racilicious Latoya Peterson featured a video on the African-American culture and atheism.

Best Regards, Maaretta