Well, seems like Pat Robertson thinks men should have the right to beat their wives. Just like he thinks that women, when they get married, have to always submit to all of their husbands wishes (source: Dawkin’s “The God Delusion”).

Remember Pat Robertson’s wonderful words about Haiti in 2010, right after the country had suffered a devastating earthquake that killed 1790 people? If you don’t, worry not! Here’s a video about it!:

I think it’s safe to say that Pat Robertson is a evil, misogynistic man and the fact that Mitt Romney, who’s the Republicans candidate for the upcoming president election, is being best buds with this man is a disgrace.

In other news, Naomi Wolf has written a book about vaginas – which seems to consist of nothing but terrible cliches about women. Not that one should take anything a rape apologist like Ms. Wolf says about female sexuality seriously anyway.

I know this isn’t very classy, but these two people just make so angry I’m going to just going to write this: Pat Robetson and Naomi Wolf, both of you, STFU already!

/ Maaretta