Last week, I, in the company of a friend, went to the movies. While we were patiently waiting for the movie to start, I was chocked to see not only one, but two, ads where women were completely objectified. One was an advertisement for ice cream, Cornetto Soft I think it was called, in which a man turns into a giant teddy bear after eating the afore mentioned ice cream and then proceeds to go off on a date (with a woman) to various locales (this advertisement was pretty bizarre to watch, even if one ignores the sexism). After going swimming during this date the male as transmogrified giant bear exits the pool and (in animal fashion) shakes water off himself. The water he violently sheds douses the women populated around him and which the ad then uses as a simple-minded opportunity to zoom in on the assorted women breasts, and, naturally, “cutting” off their heads in the zoom-shot.

A similar treatment of women’s bodies was given in a following trailer of a Kitschy horror film called “Piranha 3DD”, where the film promised to double the “D’s” in the film by the creepy lingering embrace of the gaze upon a pair of breast (and once again, while eliminating the head and rest of the body of the woman). These ads purposefully set out to positing women as objects to without humanity by the aggressive image-making truncation of the body to yield women as only the brute matter of the breast. The ads were a pair of pretty depressing things to witness, as they were a reminder of how female bodies are still misused in our culture and society.

The female human body is constantly turned into a object to only please others. Luckily, blogger Caroline Heldman at Ms. Blog has written an excellent series about sexual objectification and how we women can start to navigate the culture of sexual objectification, to re-humanize the female body in our culture.

Part one explains what sexual objectification exactly is.

Part two discusses the harmful effect sexual objectification has on young girls and women.

Part tree gives women tips of what habits to kick in order to defeat sexual objectification, like competing with other women.

Part four gives women tips of what daily routines to start to defeat sexual objectification, like focusing on personal development that isn’t on beauty culture.