“Flavorwire” is a cultural-based magazine which not only reviews latest books and films, but also does amusing and insightful top 10 list. In their “10 Epidemically Overrated Books”, they had this to say about Emily Bronte’s novel “Wuthering Heights”:

“Why is this book considered one of the most classic romances of all time? All of the characters are despicable and cruel to one another, the plot is awkwardly structured, and it’s all very boring and depressing, if you ask us. We realize that at the time of its writing, the book was groundbreaking, and we certainly thank the Brontë sisters for their contribution to women being recognized as great authors, but seriously, it’s 165 years later, so why are we all still reading this book?”

Kudos, Flavorwire! They summed up pretty much everything that is wrong with that book. I especially liked how they pointed out that it’s absurdly considered a tragic romance when actually all the characters do is psychologically torture each other. Seriously, if you want to read good classic literature written by a woman, read Jane Austen (who had a more healthy view on love) or Mary Shelley instead. “Wuthering Heights” is truly not that great.