A lot of interesting things are happening right now. Some positive things, others not so much. A lot of interesting essays have been written over the past month. Here’s some that you might have missed, but I recommend strongly! A fair warning: this list is very long, but worth checking out to the end!

“Balancing Jane” (a feminist blog I recently discovered) wrote a series on the portrayal of love triangles in music, focusing on the disturbing trend of having women viciously attack one another. Here’s the intro.

And part 1, “Direct competition”.

Part 2: “Offensive threat”.

And the final part: “Defensive attacks”.

“Balancing Jane” also wrote about a problematic Facebook meme.

At “Feministe” there was a post explaining why fat is a feminist issue.

And since sizeism and pressure is not only aimed at plus-sized people, Gina S at the blog “The F bomb” wrote an essay on people’s negative attitude towards her naturally skinny body.

At “Racilicious”, Lois Payne did a guest post on the character Jodie Lanson from the animeted televion show “Daria”. A awesome post about a awesome character from a awesome television show!

Jen Wang from the same blog wrote about Vagina bleaching. Industries always find something new to shame women with, don’t they?

Maya Dusenbery wrote an article at “Feministing” titled: “What Katie Roiphe gets wrong about ´Fifty shades of Grey´ and fantasies on sexual submission.

Zerlina Maxwell asked the question of how does “stand your ground” laws apply to victims of domestic violence?

Caperton at “Feministe” explained why comments like “I prefer small breast” and etc. from men don’t really help women.

The blog “Feminist Fatale” highlighted the lack of women in TV.

Lena Chen, a former sexblogger, wrote a “Dealbreaker”- article at “GOOD” titled: “He’s got an Asian fetish”. This “Dealbreaker”-series is not very good. However Ms. Chen’s essay was very well argued and written.

Blogger Carrie Nelson did a hit-and-miss series at “Bitch media”, “Visi(bi)lety”. Here’s the four articles a really enjoyed and found though-provoking:

A essay on the character Jack Harness from “Torchwood”.

Ms. Nelson’s insights on the “Bromance”-movie “Humpday”.

And her insights on the TV-show “Glee’s” prejudice against bisexual men.

Ms. Nelson isn’t a huge Katy Perry-fan. Here’s her article on her star making hit song, “I Kissed a girl”.

Speaking of Katy Perry, at the f-bomb Katie E. wrote a sharp critic on Ms. Perry’s song “ET” and it’s depiction of possible violence.

And finally, below is featured one of the latest videos from “Feminist Frequency”. The subject being the depiction of the heroine Katniss Everdeen from the young adult novel “The Hunger Games”. A great video with brilliant points!:

Take care!/ Maaretta