Todd In The Shadows is the pen name for the otherwise anonymous internet reviewer of pop music at the comedy site “That Guy With The Glasses”. His gimmicks run on hilarious snarks at hit singles, combining legitimate complaints with humorous observations.

I’ve been following Todd In The Shadows recently, since I find his work pretty entertaining. I was delighted to see that two days ago he started a Tumblr blog called “Trolling Chris Brown”, featuring tweets of funny come backs at the musician Chris Brown, who is not only a former domestic abuser, but also has never really shown any sings of truly regretting his despicable crime. Todd In The Shadows stated that he started this blog not only because of Browns terrible behavior, but also (and mostly) as a protest against fans who defend Brown by saying the woman, Rihanna, he beat up “provoked him”, i.e. “was asking for it”.

Go here for the blog. And for the video where Todd In The Shadows illustrates why he started the blog, go here.

Bless you, Todd In The Shadows! Your critique against people defending violence is refreshing and awesome to see. It’s important to protest when people start giving excuses for domestic abuse while simultaneously blaming the victim.

Now if only there was a similar tumblr blog dedicated to hating Charlie Sheen’s tweets. For those who don’t know, he’s also a former domestic abuser who has never regretted his violence against women, plus many seem to absurdly ignore the abuse he’s inflicted upon women.

Or a tumblr in protest of Roman Polanski defenders?

I can’t high light enough why it’s important to not be too forgiving towards men when they assault women. Violence against women is a huge problem world wide. When people idolize abusive men, they send out the message that men can be violent towards women as much as they like if they are “great enough”. But if we are to move towards a world free of violence, we must stop forgiving those who commit crimes of violence with little or no remorse. And we can’t give them excuses for what they did or do either.