Jill at “Feministe” wrote an article on sexual violence in prisons. An important subject that is too often over looked in America; more should be done to stop rapes and other sexual violence from happening to prisoners. As Jill puts: “There are many reasons to be horrified by prison assault — and sexual assault generally — but the degree to which it’s enmeshed in the American consciousness as just part of our system of ´justice´ is particularly disturbing”.

Seems like Texas is willing to throw 130, 000 poor women under the buss to stick it to “Planned Parenthood”.

Here’s a link to a video of a Eritrean refugee talking about tortured in Sinai. Five-minute long awful story.

Marianne Mollman at “RH reality check” writes about the deeply rooted parallels between female genital mutilation and breast implants. Thought- provoking essay!

Syria is voting on new constitution as violence continues.

In the US, Maryland became the 8th state to pass marriage equality. Yay for that!

Eva Longoria, one of the main stars of “Desperate Housewives”, writes an essay at “Huffington Post” about hope for a brighter future for Latinas.

Apple faces it’s “Nike moment” over working conditions in Chinese factories. My heart goes out to the exploited workers!

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