Today it is the National Sami Day in Finland! So it’s time to spread some information about the Sami culture and History, as well as mention a few of the interesting cultural people of Sami origin.

First, on this site you’ll find a brief, but well detailed essay about the history of the Sami people with a concise introduction to their culture and environs. Gives a good synopsis of the politics of persecutions they lived through to the qlliveations of some gained rights.

For a history specifically on the Sami’s in Finland, go here. (In Finnish! Use Google translation to read in another language!)

Look at this interesting article from The Guardian in 2010 about what Sami People can teach us about adapting to climate change.

A fact sheet on Sami’s in Sweden.

Naturally they have even a contemporary cultural production and the information on the Sami filmmaker Paul Anders Simma, who grew up with a nomad Sami famil, gives a good account of this.

The famous musician Mari Boine, known for adding jazz and rock to the yoiks of her native people.

An article on Sámi Literature.

And lastly, below is featured a song by the Norwegian-born Sami singer Maddji. This song is called “Iđitguovssu”.

(Still picture accompanying the music on the video, sorry!):