Today is Halloween, one of the most awesome and cool holidays in the entire year. Unfortunately, I had classes today, so I had to celebrate one day earlier. I had a small party/movie night with my friend Miss Magic Girl. I dressed up this year and went as Scarecrow, the batman villain. My costume was a bit of a mixture of the “Batman Begins” version as well as the re-designed version from “Batman: the animated series”.

I wore my own home-made burlap mask! Here’s some lovely photos:

Since I love all versions of the batman villain Scarecrow, here’s a hilarious clip of the “Batman: the animated series” version, voiced by Henry Polic II. In this scene, the villain has just been re-captured and sent to the insane asylum Arkham Asylum, where he shows off his craziest side, while also having his “Pet The Dog”-moment:

And for Halloween, here’s a video that has the lyrics (but no pictures, sorry for that! Found this on Youtube so…) to Black Sabbath’s song “NIB”, the best song about the devil there is!:

And “Our Favorite Martians” song, “Club Villain”:

And for one hell of a scary visual experience, here’s music video to Marilyn Manson’s song “The Beautiful People” (contains highly disturbing images):

Out of curiosity, what did you guys do on Halloween? Did you dress up? Who/what did you dress up as?

Take Care!/ Maaretta