Today’s post is a collection of links to essays and videos of the best parts of three series: “Sex And The Fat Girl” from Bitch Media, “Tropes Vs. Women” from Feminist Frequency, and “Isn’t He Lovely” from Bitch Media (again). I will also have links to some of the funniest articles from Cracked.Com!

“Sex And The Fat Girl” is a series by Tasha Fierce, a feminist who writes the stalled blog “Red Vinyl Shoes”. In this column, she talks about fat female sexuality, attempting to break certain prejudices surrounding the subject as well. Here’s the first part of the series explaining in better detail what her writings all about.

The second part deals with the joys of fat porn.

Fierce also tackled the size-hierarchy.

Here’s a piece that brings up certain discrimination plus-sized women face when it comes to the right of having access to Birth Control.

Fierce on breaking certain myths about over-weight people and sex.

Pierce asking the question of why some people are said to be too fat to fuck, as well as fat sexuality being constantly kept behind closed doors.

Here’s Fierce’s interview with the comedian Erica Watson.

Anita Sarkeesian as a feminist pop culture media critic who produces videos on her website “Feminist Frequency”. In her series “Tropes Vs. Women”, she analyzed and attacked the most offensive tropes used to portray female characters in movies and television shows (as well as in literature and mythology).

Fist part was on “The Manic Pixie Dream Girl”.

Second part was on “Women in Refrigerators”, a trope which mostly shows up in comics. On a personal note, I can mention that I have recently started reading and fallen somewhat in love with comic books, but after watching Sarkeesian’s video on this tropes first since know I am aware of this trope and can read certain comics more critically due to this.

Sarkeesian also tackled the “Evil Demon Seductress”. This trope annoys me the most – I hate it when women’s sexuality, something completely normal, beautiful and a part of everyday life, is portrayed as something dangerous and deadly!

Sarkeesian also made a video on the “Smurfette priciple”, but web critic Nostalgic Chick did one before and just a little better.

However, Sarkeesian is the first to talk about the trope “The Mystical Pregnancy”.

CristenCouger is a staff writer at In her column “Isn’t he lovely”, she explores how men and male sexuality is viewed and portrayed in society, and what effects it has on male individuals.

Here’s a part that discusses male skin bleaching.

Couger on the short man stigma.

And a discussion on how Asian-American males are portrayed in Medias.

On Hollywood’s adoration for a handsome blind man.

Couger also talked about the politics of balding.

She also talks about “the myth of the superior penis”. In this column, she states something that should be obvious: there is no such damn thing as a superior penis.

She also tackles prejudices people have against Bisexual men. is a humor site that rages from very good articles too just okay to just bad. I often enjoy there articles about movies, music and comics, like this article on “the 6 most WTF special edition comics ever released”.

Here’s a fun article that blends high culture and popular culture in a fun way: “4 famous authors and their Hip-Hop equivalents”.

And here’s an article on “7 pieces of psychotic relationship advice from Cosmo”. This article had me rolling on the floor and thanking myself endlessly for never, ever reading the horror which is Cosmopolitan!

Enjoy the articles!
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