Whether we like it or not, are aware of it or not, we tend to become influenced by medias and cultural phenomenon’s. Sometimes in pretty bad ways. Luckily, as human beings, we are able to analyze and re-think what we’re told and what we see and hear around us! So here’s some articles tackling medias and certain aspects of popular culture.

At “The Guardian”, two women writers debate whether we should mourn the “end” of Chick-lit. Personally, I would say yes, since I have always viewed Chick-lit as a opium for the female masses.

Furthermore at “The Guardian”, feminist and trade union activist Catch Elliot wrote an article on how Facebook is okay with hate speech, as long as it’s directed towards women.

Speaking of Facebook, here’s a feminist critique of the film “The Social Network” via “Feministing”. Year old article, I know, but worth reading still!

At “Bitch Media”, CristenCouger wrote a remarkable essay on how Asian-American male sexuality is often viewed in American society.

At “Gender Without Borders”, Eliane Luthi Poirier informs on how the media helps us maintain misogyny.

At “Feministing”, Lori Adelman wrote about a transphobic ad campaign.

And Samhita Mukhopadhyay at the same Blog wrote about a recent study that showed how people react more positively towards women wearing make-up than oppose to those who don’t. Yikes… (and bleach!)

At “Ms. Magazine”, J. Goodrich wrote about re-thinking on gender stereotypes and how girls and boys are raised.

A little bit of a darker article, but BBC wrote about a case of Sex Slavery in Peru.

As a final note, here’s the music video to Evanescence’s song, “Everybody’s Fool”. Not the best song from the group, but the video does take some pretty spot on shots at advertisement as well as addresses how medias effect people negatively when it comes to body image.