Update: I just realized today is the 11. September. For this tragic day I’ll say: My heart out to all those innocent people who lost their lives, as well as to those people who helped out and made it possible for some to survive the attacks. Regards to all those living you in New York City, filled with the most amazing people and of course to those in Washington DC, a extraordinary place as well. Love and Peace, Maaretta.


Times change and so do norms and expectations. Unfortunately not always for the better. As a feminist, I think it’s important to critic and discuss the many unrealistic and unfair expectations waited from women, and how old norms may still linger in today’s world, however I do think it’s also important to talk about how men may experience the world and to talk about what pressures men have in our society. So, this post will have links to articles about men, masculinity and other “male” issues!

Here’s a article from Bitch Media about The Cult Of Muscularity, written by CristenConger. A real eye-opener article that really made me think!

Maya Dusenbery at Feministing did a very good book review of “Deep Secrets: Boy’s friendship and the crisis of connection”.

Chloe Angyall at Feministing wrote a very short attack on how a offensive ad from Australian TV portrayed masculinity.

Here’s a negative and comical review of Nolan’s “Batman Begins” from Ruthless Reviews. A real funny read about everyone’s currently favorite male superhero!

Below is a video that is a year old, yet still highly accurate, critic on Liquor ads from Feminist Frequency.

And finally a Monty Python sketch: The Lumberjack Song! Listed below.