Today I will link to some news articles that are a little “old”, but still worth checking out if one hasn’t before. I will also link to a interesting skit.

First, a Chinese rights lawyer has been detained and interrogated about her sex life. It’s horrifying how women still around the world can be terrorized for their sexuality.

Also, Chinese authorities have decided to extend surveillance into supermarkets, cinemas and classrooms.

In Tanzania, a massive report on Violence Against Children has been made. The statistics are pretty disturbing, but it’s wonderful that the issue has been brought up.

On Feministing, the difference between a maneater and sexual criminal was explained, in response to the posters for the movie “Horrible Bosses”. Pretty old article, but think it’s still a good read. I too get sick of how constantly in popular culture the act of sexually violating/harassing men (often by women) is shown as something “funny and harmless” and “not a big deal.”

Here’s a Swedish article about a former South African veteran talking about masculinity, the effects war has on people and of the power of forgiveness and atonement. Amazing and moving article! If you don’t understand Swedish, do use Google translate!

The latest news on the growing protest in Chile. My heart out to those protesters! Use Google translate if not Swedish speaking!

And finally, A link to the skit. The skit is from College Humor; it’s satire on incompetent politics and how authorities at times really harm the individual. Enjoy!