The Last Harry Potter came out a while ago and a number of Feminists have written interesting analysis of the entire book series. Since the last film is playing in the theaters, I will link to some of the most interesting articles.

Amy Bursok, a feminist writing on the internet site Ms. Magazine, wrote about Hermione Granger and Activism.

Erin Curtis at the same site wrote about the often “ignored” heroes of The Harry Potter Series. She mentions Luna Lovegood, which pleases me greatly, since Luna is my favorite Harry Potter-character.

Chloe Angyal at Feministing wrote a unbashed love letter to Ginny Weasley, the love interest of Harry Potter.

Since there’s been news of the film “Breaking Dawn” coming out soon, a adaption of the final Twilight Saga book, I will link to a feminist critic of the Twilight series (Both films and novels).

Christine Seifert wrote a sharp attack on the whole book series.

Ann Friedman, a former writer at Feministing, also wrote a good critic on the problematic portrayal of Domestic Violence in the second Twilight film “New Moon”.

A very old post by Chloe Angyal on Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.

Maya Dusenbery states that “The Hunger Games” trilogy is a story about women and girls everyone can love.

Kelsey Wallace at “Bitchmedia” wrote a fascinating article on the portrayal of masculinity in “The Hunger Games”, stating that Peeta is a fresh new type of a male hero.

And Lastly, I will feature the song “Pearl Harbour sucked”, a song from the film “Team America: World Police”. It is made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creatures of South Park. The song takes place after the “hero” of the film has abandoned his friends and love interest. As he lingers on his tormented feelings, the song attacking Michael Bays movie as well as expressing heart ache plays. This song is my absolute favorite love song: it’s funny and romantic (on a strange level). For how else can we truly tell the ones we love how strongly we feel, if not comparing it to how we feel about movies, which everyone has strong opinions and feelings for? (Still picture. Sorry)

Enjoy!/ Maaretta