We are all wrong at one point of your life. We make mistakes and do things we regret. But making an error can be difficult to admit and accept, which often leads us making even more harmful actions. Like making mistakes, we all have a certain belief or opinion we are passionate about. Some people become so obsessed with their opinions and beliefs that they have a hard time admitting that perhaps others of different opinions have a point too. Therefor, I will today present two sketches dealing with just these issues.

The First is a sketch made by the Team working at College Humor, a comedic wedsite. The Sketch is an animated satire of the Tea Party movement in the US, casting the characters from “Alice in Wonderland” as “tea-baggers”.

The next sketch I’ll feature is from the comedy show “A bit Of Fry and Laurie”. In it, Hugh Laurie plays a man who by asking for a book and ending up facing a intense nationalistic librarian, played by Stephen Fry.

Enjoy the sketches! I’ll be posting a book review soon enough. Sorry for the series of short post!