A common theme in Comedy is absurd situations and experiences. A typical layout for a sketch is to have one person or more who has to interact with a more bizarre person with a wackier personality. Even if that is a popular formula for most comedic works, some comedians use sketches and jokes for social commentary. In this post I will show three of such sketches.

The first one goes simply by the name “Education” and was featured in a episode of the British comedy sketch show “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” which was created by and starred Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. The duo also starred together in the satirical show “Jeeves and Wooster” which center’s a clever butler and a dimwitted rich man. The sketch “Education” features only Stephen Fry playing a egocentric prime minister.

The second sketch is titled “The Wedding Dress”, which was featured in the British sketch show “Smack the Pony”, created by Fiona Allen, Sally Phillips and Doon Machickan. They also starred in the show a long side Sarah Alexander and Darren Boyd. The featured sketch is a witty critique on how shallow people can be.

The Last sketch I will feature is titled “Businessman and Tramp”, also a sketch from “A Bit of Fry and Laurie”. This one deals with class prejudice.