The Fashion Industry is an unfortunately powerful phenomenon in your society. Through fashion comes painful norms that become harder and harder for the common people to adjust to. The norms created by the fashion industry are especially rough on women and young girls; many feminist have criticized the culture surrounded by fashion. The Fashion Industry has also been discussed in popular culture and media. Some great musicians have for instance written and recorded whole songs about their views on Fashion. Below I will list three of such songs, all of them outstanding and brilliant in different ways. (As a side note, you may want to make the videos full screen before viewing them!)

The English electropop band “Ladytron” got started in Liverpool, in 1999. The band’s music is a mixture of regular pop and experimental psychedelic elements. It consists of four members. One of their most famous songs is “Seventeen”, where Ladytron attacks the youth culture in fashion and modeling. The Music Video depicts some agents trying to find a new model, the younger the better.

The Australian band “Angelspit” was formed in 2004. The genre being cyberpunk and electro-industrial, the band is known for their rough and brutal lyrics. The song featured below is titled “Fuck Fashion”, where the lead singers of the band, ZooG and Destroyx, quite graphically and aggressively express their deep hatred for the Fashion Industry. The video featured below is a fan made video which I have to use since Angelspit has no official music video for this song. The video shows some gruesome pictures of people suffering from Anorexia, as well as other images that may be triggering to some, so be warned.

The German band Kraftwerk is a well beloved and infamous electronic band. They were extremely groundbreaking in the 70’s and toured for over thirty years. One of their more famous songs, “The Model”, has been written and performed in both German and English by the band. Below I will feature the English version.

So that was three songs about Fashion. What did you guys think? Did you like the songs? Any good songs with similar topics I didn’t mention? Feel free to tell me your opinion!