Easter is coming up fast. For those who are interested, “South Park” made a hilarious Easter related episode titled “Fantastic Eater Special”. It is featured in season 10 and is that seasons fifth episode. Stan begins to wonder what Jesus dying on a cross has to do with coloring eggs so the Easter Bunny can collect them. His father, Randy, then decides to let him into a secret society which exposes that Peter, one of the apostles, was in actuality a rabbit, meaning that all Popes were meant to be rabbits. Stan is overjoyed for finally learning the truth, but other religious authorities, who learn about the secret organization, are not…

A parody on “The Da Vinci code” and clever social commentary, “Fantastic Easter Special” is a must watch episode for Easter. Here’s a link to southparkstudios.se, where you can watch the episode.

On a different note, the comedian Wanda Sykes made a stand up discussing what it would be like if Afro-Americans, like LGBT -people, had to “come out” to their parents. A very funny Stand Up, even if usually I don’t like the idea of comparing oppression. Or comparing difficulties different minorities have. However, Wanda Sykes’ jokes are imaginative and packed with sharp critique. Enjoy!

It may take a while until my next post since I’m going to travel for a week. I promise, however, that my next post will be interesting and fun, so please stay toned!

Happy Easter/ Holidays everyone!