Amnesty International has released it’s newest report on the Death Penalty. The Report lists the number of Executions done in each country as well as compares last years numbers with the new ones. China had executed the most with about one thousand  executed prisoners. It is hard to get an exact number of executions, since the authorities in China don’t report most of the executions, so most likely more executions took place. Iran is a close follow up. In the US, Texas had used the death penalty most actively with a total of 17 executions. To read about what the report said specifically about U.S.A, click here.
To read the full report, click here.

In Saudi Arabia, there is a upcoming election. Unfortunately, women are yet again banned from participating in the election in anyway, since the country “isn’t ready to let women vote”. Very disturbing and depressing news. Read about it here.
(Just imagine. In this day and age, there are still countries that discriminate women by not allowing them to vote!)

A recent study on films showed that women, LGBT -people and blacks are still too often portrayed stereotypically. Read about the study here.

And Lastly, Stephen Colbert interviewed Jody Williams on his show, “The Colbert Report”. Ms. Williams won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work with “The International Campaign to Ban Landmines”. She is also a teacher and is recently working together with other female Nobel laureates to influence and inspire women to fight for there rights. Amazing woman! Tried my best to embed the interview, but can only link to it.