Update! The bill past, Illinois abolished the Death Penalty! Read all about it here!
Way to go, Governor Quinn! You did the right thing.:-)

Illinois is only a moment away from signing a bill to abolish capital punishment! On the 11th January, 2011, the senate in Illinois voted to officially enact a bill which would rid that state of the Death Penalty. Illinois has been having disturbing reports of executing innocents, meaning wrongfully convicted people being caught up in a system which has brought about state sanctioned killings of innocents.

Read about the process here

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And about some innocents that we’re wrongfully executed and put to death in Illinois here

I hope That Governor Quinn sings the bill. I have been against the Death Penalty all my life, and would be proud of my home country if another state says no to Capital Punishment. Not only have innocent people been executed, there is always the risk of innocent lives being exacted in the future to the cost of this horrible punishment. The Death penalty comes off also, to me, as hypocritical: a person, as an individual, can’t take a life, but the court and government can. By killing prisoners, who have killed to prove killing is wrong, doesn’t really send the message that murder (planned killing) is wrong. Just wrong if an individual does it; a group of people with higher power in a certain situations however do have the right to decide if someone gets to live or not.

Demonstration against the Death Penalty

To end human life isn’t ever fair. By killing a murderer we only go to his/her level.

A final note to make about the Death Penalty: it is not only used to put murderers to death. For instance, there are countries where the punishment for Homosexuality is exacted by this ultimate punishment, as well as many countries that will carry out executions for feeble and smaller crimes, for example theft.

Lethal Injection, one of many execution methods in the US

If you are interested in hearing arguments about Capital Punishment in the US, watch “Penn and Teller’s Bullshit” episode on the death penalty (Season 4, episode 3); it features a woman working at a death museum that specializes in details of what happens to humans while they are executed. The bits about the electric chair are the most terrifying and horrific part.

Andy Warhol's "The Chair"

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