Today a work of fiction of mine will be published in a magazine called”Hjärnstorm”. My Poem, “As a Child”, will be published in the Magazines newest number.

“Hjärnstorm” is an art and literature magazine which consists of a mixture from essays to poems, short stories to reports. Each number usually has a specific theme; some to just mention have been suicide, Finland, loneliness and pessimism. Some themes are quite dark, while others are more like tributes to a certain cultural person or subject. The Magazine changes writers often and tries to produce informative yet easy to read text. “Hjärnstorm” delivers intellectual and insightful works while trying to reach out to everybody, including those who are not used to high intellectual texts. Check out their Website here.

To read another post about “Hjärnstorm”, visit Hap.Stance Dep.Art’s site.

My poem has been translated into Swedish, under the title “Som Barn”. To read the original work, click on the title of my poem up there. Thank you!
Take Care/ Maaretta