A Funny – and all true – Story of how the Chinese responded to this years Nobel Peace Prize.
Since they didn’t participate in it (because they have the recipient of the prize, Liu Xiaobo, confined) and pressured 19 other countries to boycott the event as well (owing money to China has its consequences!), they invented their own Prize, called the Confucius Peace Prize, with a corresponding award ceremony. This newly minted award was obviously meant to to distract from the human rights problems of China, but unfortunately, the Ceremony wasn’t very well planned and the man (former Vice President of Taiwan Lien Chan) who had been chosen to receive the prize wasn’t informed about either prize or ceremony. In his stead, at the odd and awkward ceremony, the prize was given to a proxy in the form a a adorable little girl who was titled by the prize community the “An Angel of Peace”.
Watch the whole story in this clip from “The Rachel Maddow Show”:

This clip is from Youtube, I couldn’t embed the clip from Rachel Maddow’s site unfortunately. Maddow is one of the few real liberal news reporters working in the US media, and a incredibly smart one as well! She has given a very good interview on the site Feministing as part of their Feministing Five Series (which asks important thinkers five questions on various topics). Read the interview here: here.