The works of Lotta Hannerz have an eerie and strange feel to them, in the midst of a supreme normality. Spanning from sculpture, painting to installation, her work hints at an underlining horrible abuse and the experience of the inevitable lose-lose situation of humans, women and institutions. Fun but sad and tragic at the same time. Worth a look:
Lotta Hannerz
Angelika Knäppar Gallery
Date: 4. November- 5. December
The Gallery’s website:

Ebba Matz’s works attempts a form of minimalism and conceptualism which emanates a elegance which becomes untouchable. The conceptualism, however, is superficial and its minimalism extraordinarily remote and precious. Worth a look for its pristine nature, but neither ultimately challenging nor provocatively threatening in the end.
Ebba Matz
Galerie Aronowitsch
Dates: from 6. Novemer- 5. December
The Galleries website:

Not from her newest show, but good example of her Matzs work.

Annette Folkedotters brilliant work mixes everyday life with the tragedy of the finality and certainty of death. Her pieces lay bare a middle-class life-style that yearns to live without fear, thinking everything will continue as it always has, yet death is just around the corner. Not even children, with their young age, are safe from the reaper. The work varies from drawings, installation and performance and mixes metaphors of death with life and the richness of human experience. Definitely go see this show! (As a plus, it is in Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm!).
Annette Folkedotter
National Galleriet
Dates: from 30. Oktober-14. November
The Gallery’s website:

Folkedotter doing a performance for her show.