Do you know what the European Union was meant to stand for? What it’s supposed to stand for? What was one of the reasons it was created? What was one of the main reasons Turkey has trouble getting its membership?


That’s right. EU expects its members to respect human rights and follow them. European Union was created to achieve a certain harmony in Europe. I have been rather fond of this plan. I have supported the idea of a European Union for that. But now days, EU has become such a wimp. They only stand up to Turkey when they speak of the importance of following the human rights, of the importance of not breaking them. But when Italy does it, no one says a word!

Italy has recently gathered up hundreds and hundreds of romanis. The romani people who have been gathered up are families, Italian born people. Some may be immigrants, but not nearly all. They have forced them all, even children, to give out their fingerprints and set them into slums that have almost no places to wash or use the bathroom, no electricity or food to eat. They live under unbelievable circumstances and poverty. Poverty being an understatement. They are being dehumanized. How can a country that allows this to happen be a member of the European Union?

It can’t! Not in my eyes. It shouldn’t. It is time to kick Italy out of the EU. After kicked out, Italy should be excluded and denied any chances of any kind of membership until all romanis are released and the government gives a public apology to them!

Shame on you, EU, for just accepting such cruelty to happen in Europe!


About diskrimination against Romanis in general: