Found a fun website talking about what movie villains they would “deserve” their own movies, since Maleficent from “sleeping Beauty” will be gettting her own soon:

Made me think of Lady Tremaine, aka. “evil stepmother” from Cinderella should have her own movie. We now extremely little about her past, or her relationship to Cinderella’s past father. And the motivations given in the movie for her actions are simple and weird (she’s mean to Cinderella just because she’s not her biological daughter? Please!). Lady Tremaine might just be terrible missunderstood! Maybe she makes Cinderella work so hard is because she wants her to become a good worker, so she can get a good job once she moves out (or the rest of the family moves out, whoever leaves first). She sees that her own daughters are spoiled and can’t do a thing. She maybe looked at Cinderella and thought: “Well I’m not screwing up that one!”. The whole deal of her of not letting Cinderella go to the ball was maybe to prevent her from marrying and thus having no chance of being “indipendent” or not getting to be the “good worker” she is anymore. Her daughters, of course, could marry off because… Well they can’t do much. I’m not saying that Lady Tremainde wasn’t an awful parent, she was! Just… Well maybe she wasn’t always intending to be so mean, just… Happened!

By the way, really hope Tim Burton takes making the Maleficent movie very seriously! Maleficent is one of the most elegant villains ever, she deserves a great film of her own! 🙂